Improving Safety & Efficiency

Roborigger is a wireless load controlling system which uses gyroscopic and inertial forces to accurately rotate and orient crane loads. Roborigger allows lifting operations to be undertaken without using taglines and without personnel in the vicinity of the load.

Roborigger has been site-tested for over 12 months with our development partners in commercial use. Rental units are now available.

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Industry Applications

Roborigger reduces hazards and risk by keeping loads under control and people away from the load.
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Roborigger improves safety and efficiency in the construction sector by keeping personnel away from the load, reducing cycle times and increasing the operational window.

Oil and Gas

Automated release of rigging allows loads to be positioned and released without personnel near the load. Roborigger is ideal for shorebase loadout operations and offshore non-hazardous applications. Hazardous area rated unit will be provided in the future.


Roborigger IoT application can be used as a slimline logistics tracking app. Every load movement is recorded with load ID, date, time, location, weight and still image. This allows personnel to instantly track the status and location of their load.